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I share with you the pride of being from Hidalgo and living in this municipality and I thank the citizens  the opportunity and confidence they gave me by representing them in this beautiful task of heading and directing the System for the Integral Development of the Tlahuelilpan Family.

Rest assured that in this administration headed by my husband José Alfredo Díaz Moreno, as Municipal President, he will always be joining forces to bring more benefits to our people.Therefore, from the first moment of this administration I have sought rapprochement with citizens, civil society organizations, with the State Government and of course with the DIF Hidalgo System to bring more benefits to those who need it most.

In the Municipal DIF we have several programs focused on supporting girls, boys, adolescents, women, men, older adults, people with disabilities, in general each and every one of  Tlahuelilpenses families will have a space in this administration. I am committed to improving the quality and results of all the actions undertaken by this DIF System; I am convinced that the work that is done with love and dedication is the one that provides the best results, as a lawyer I have always believed that for a government to be successful, public servants must work together with the citizens, that is why I will always be always willing to listen your proposals; As a wife and mother of a family, I know the importance of creating security for our children to develop in a healthy environment that helps them reach their greatest potential and I will put all my effort into this.

I'm sure we are counting on you, come, help us  BUILD BIG, STRONG FAMILIES!



Lic. Yecenia Rodríguez Bautista

President and Director of the System for the Integral Development of the Family of Tlahuelilpan, Hgo.

Administration 2020 - 2024

Name of the procedure:  

INAPAM credential



  • Copy of voter's credential.

  • Recent proof of address, electricity, telephone, water or property bill.

  • If you do not have a voter ID, a copy of your birth certificate.

  • 2 recent child-size photographs.

Kind of Procedure:   Direct  X   Indirect

Type of user:   General citizenship  X        Physical person       Moral person

Procedure for the Procedure:   Face-to-face X           online

Response time to grant the procedure:   10 minutes

Validity of the procedure granted:   1 month

Processing fee: $ 90.00

Legal-administrative basis of the procedure:


Income Law for the Municipality of Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo corresponding to fiscal year 2021.